Call For Presentations - 2018 PLRB Large Loss Conference

The PLRB 2018 Large Loss Conference will be held November 26 - 28 at the Omni Nashville Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. Attendees are a very sophisticated and experienced audience of property and casualty claim professionals, looking for new and better ways of adjusting losses of $100,000 and more. It is important to aim high with our content and delivery!

We invite you to submit a proposal within one of three tracks: personal lines property claims, commercial lines property claims, or casualty claims.

The Large Loss Conference (unlike our other educational programs) offers interactive workshops, rather than long lectures about important claim topics. Workshops critically examine the issues of one particular claim and focus on the life and challenges of that claim scenario. Co-presenter subject matter experts should be involved as they played important roles in the claim. Your submission should include a clear title, 3 - 5 key issues that were encountered in this claim, a summary of the claim's specific challenges, a rough outline of the session, and all presenters' names with titles and company affiliations. It is best if there is only one person from any particular company, per session. For a sample proposal, visit here.

A claims adjuster/supervisor/claim manager presenter should spearhead each workshop. Other experts will take part and provide technical support as they played an important role in that specific claim. We expect the presentation to follow the life and challenges of a particular "virtual" claim. Focus on the issues faced during the initial, the middle, and the closing portion of the claim. Each session is two hours in length. Workshops are delivered twice at the Large Loss Conference.

The Large Loss Planning Committee reviews all presentation proposals and helps select the very best topics for our 2018 Conference.

If you have additional questions or would like to discuss any aspect of this program, please contact PLRB staff at 630-724-2200.

Submissions are due by Monday, December 11, 2017. Announcements of selected workshops and presenters will be made in February/March.

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