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Workshops are 2 hours in length and held twice during the Conference. They address the wide variety of challenges, from coverage to investigation, from evaluation to resolution that confront adjusters and claim managers on a daily basis. Instead of "dry" lectures, you'll be encouraged to actively learn together with a large number of industry peers in every class. You'll hear the latest developments and strategies from subject experts, and learn what others across the industry, and across the nation, are doing with various claim issues and challenges. Over two days you'll be able to attend up to six two-hour workshops on a wide assortment of claim topics.

Builder Risk Claims: Never Let Your Guard Down


Steven LaPierre, Claim Examiner, Vermont Mutual Group
Benjamin Messing, Esq., Attorney, Goldberg Segalla, LLP

  • Strategies for claims that involve building damage, soft costs, and business income aspects
  • Insights into how large commercial building projects are managed, financed, and operated
  • Impact of external delays during construction on calculating the period of construction delay
  • Identify potential fraudulent activity that may occur post-loss
  • Methods to support good-faith investigations
  • Complex CAT Claim: Mixed Use, Mixed Owners, Mixed Policies

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    Michael E. Lefkowitz, JD, Partner, Rosenberg & Estis, PC
    Jake T. Mello, VP/Regional Manager, JS Held LLC
    Theodore Woodburn, CPA, CGMA, Manager, MDD Forensic Accountants
    Marco deLeon, EGA/Vice President, McLarens

  • Complexities of the affected business and the sustained damages
  • Insurable interest issues that may arise in a complex loss involving multiple parties
  • Non-concurrent carrier policies and other issues to determine deductible calculations
  • Compiling the Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM), Property Damage (PD) reconciliation, and construction schedule to support the Period of Indemnity
  • Compare the Period of Indemnity with Extended Period of Indemnity and how lease terminations affect both
  • Duty to Support: Navigating the Insufficient Supporting Documentation Conundrum

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    Chad Dowdy, CPCU, AIC, AIM, Asst. Property Claim Manager, Cincinnati Insurance Companies
    Michael Haugen, CPA, CFF, Partner, JS Held LLC
    Josh Snell, JD, Partner, Jones Skelton & Hochuli, PLC

  • Adjusting challenges stemming from late-claim reporting
  • Providing sufficient supporting documentation to support advance payments
  • Adjusting challenges involving uncooperative policyholders
  • Resolving business income loss claims with limited and contradictory financial records
  • Hurricane Michael: Florida's Unique Challenges

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    Geoffrey A. Chambers, PE, SI, Senior Engineer, JS Held LLC
    Paul Clark, Director-Commercial Claims, Transcynd Claim Partners
    Thomas A. Keller, JD, Partner, Butler Weihmuller Katz Craig

  • Strategies to navigate the chaos of the post-hurricane deluge of calls and claims
  • Control a hurricane claim in a litigious environment including Assignment of Benefit issues
  • Determine wind versus flood, and old versus new damages when some work has already been performed
  • Identify which code requirement issues may be applicable to the claim
  • Investigating Large Electrical Claims

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    Kevin Mosley, JD, Partner, Grotefeld Hoffmann
    Brent Powell, PE, CFEI, Project Engineer, Envista Forensics
    Annette Tarquinio, , Sr. Executive General Adjuster, Engle Martin & Associates

  • Describe electrical distribution systems in commercial and industrial facilities
  • Investigation of causation/scope of damage while identifying subrogation potential and mitigating further damages and/or interruption of business
  • Analyze available repair and replacement options, considering continued business interruption, replacement with like kind/quality, and ownership verification
  • Utilize the scientific method to ensure that findings are acceptable and defensible
  • New Water Damage to Water-Damaged Property: Don’t Get Soaked

     CPCU  FL  NC  OK  RPA  TX

    Troy Beecher, JD, LLM, Partner, Goldberg Segalla, LLP
    James Wormington, WRT, ASD, General Adjuster, Liberty Mutual Insurance

  • Strategies for handling a first-party property claim for later water damage and conducting an early good-faith investigation
  • Use of consultants, experts, and other vendors to help confront the unique challenges of a subsequent water damage claim
  • What to do when an insured's contractor inflates an estimate, but the insured intends no deceit
  • Strategize when factual issues prevent early resolution in court
  • Calibrate the parties' settlement expectations

    Workshops and presenters are being finalized for the 2020 Large Loss Conference and will be announced in July.

    Join a prominent gathering of top-notch claim professionals and service providers from across the nation in Phoenix, where we'll:

    • Learn with the industry's best and brightest as we evaluate a variety of large loss claim scenarios through interactive workshops
    • Share knowledge, insight, and experience in adjustment and resolution strategies with large loss claims professionals
    • Network with large loss adjusters and service providers from across hundreds of disciplines and specialty areas

    Adjuster-led workshops encourage active audience participation, and provide an opportunity to learn from and with many of the industry's leading experts and performers. Classes are offered in three large-loss tracks:

    • Commercial Lines, Property Claims
    • Personal Lines, Property Claims
    • Casualty Claims

    Who Should Attend? Large loss claims adjusters and managers, supervisors, general adjusters and EGAs, complex case managers, senior claims management, and service providers who work with these claims. This is an excellent program for those who aspire to or are being groomed to adjust large and complex property and casualty claims within their respective organizations.

    Interacting with other insurance professionals. The educational experience. Thinking outside of the box, and being inspired to create, innovate. Challenges to the status quo, and disrupt current approaches.

    How the sessions were set up-discussion from experts on the panel, then case study and audience participation.

    Complex loss case studies and network opportunities and vendor interactions

    It was nice to mingle with other claim professionals and share experiences

    PLRB greatly appreciates the following claims service providers for their outstanding support for the 2019 Large Loss Conference.



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