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NOAA’s Support of Hazards Prediction in a Changing Climate

Michael C. Morgan, PhD, Assist. Secretary of Commerce, NOAA

The frequency of weather-related disasters exceeding $1B has increased over the last two decades. The observed increase is associated with a myriad of factors including how and where we live, work, and build and how climate change impacts the frequency, intensity, and distribution of weather-related hazards. These factors lead to changes in how extreme weather impacts public safety and health, the conduct for commerce, and the losses incurred by both the public and private sectors. NOAA’s concept of a Climate-Ready Nation is one in which decision makers, including the public, have equitable access to climate information, products, and services. Additionally, a Climate-Ready Nation recognizes the need of providing to both the public and private sectors, a clear understanding of what this information means for their communities, economies, natural resources, and the built environment. In this presentation recent trends in hazardous weather and NOAA’s tools to predict such events will be discussed. The presentation will also include a description of climate projection trends of high impact weather and coastal sea-level rise.


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